Hi, I'm Matt Johnson.

Recording Engineer, Owner

During the summer of 2000, me and a couple friends of mine started a band. We began to write songs and we were trying to figure out a way to record what we were working on (this was a few years before smartphones). We started off using a boom box and recording to cassette tapes, but the results were terrible.

One day I went to the local music store and I purchased a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder and a single microphone. This was a huge upgrade from the boom box, and I was hooked. I found myself wanting to learn more about recording, and I began to dream of doing it for a living.

I packed my bags and moved to the Twin Cities to enroll in classes at McNally Smith College of Music. In 2003 I graduated with a degree in Recording Technology.

After graduation I moved back to Iowa and my friends and I started the band Someday Sunday. I also started aquiring more recording equipment and spent a lot of time recording my band and my friends. I also did a lot of live recordings of our shows and some of the bands that we were playing with.

Then I got married, I had kids, and I started a career in user experience design and development (which is still my day job). I got busy and my recording equipment began to collect dust.

In 2017 I started getting back into music and I decided it was time to start recording again. I launched Twin Rock Recording Co. with the goal of giving musicians an affordable and unique recording experience. I really enjoy seeing the excitement of artists as they see their vision come to life. I don't want artists to see me as another person who is looking to make a buck from them. I want to help artists actually make money from their music. I want to see the music scene grow in the Cedar Valley, so more people can enjoy the many talented artists we have. I want artists to be able to continue doing what they love.

I appreciate you considering me for your next project!

- Matt

Let's make a record!

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