Live Recording Sessions

We'll help you capture your raw and real sound. We do on-location recordings of live performances in houses, churches, barns, & backyards.

You want to stand out and be different.

Much of today's music is overproduced and a little too perfect. It's time to make music a little more human again.


Create a memorable experience.

Let's try something different. I'll help you put on a memorable, intimate show in a unique location. It could be a house concert, a backyard, a barn, or anywhere really. Live recording sessions are a great way to connect with your fans, hang out, and enjoy the music together.


Capture the moment.

I'll record your show and capture your raw and real sound. There's just something authentic about a good live recording. You can feel the energy of the band and the crowd. It's something that's hard to replicate in the studio.


Save some cash.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a great recording. Use your resources wisely! Capturing a live performance is significantly faster than tracking each instrument, one at a time. I'll help you get a great sound for a great price.


Here's how it works:

  1. Request to book a date (I only book sessions on Friday evenings or Saturdays).
  2. Pay your session fee to reserve your date.
  3. On the day of the session I'll show up 2 hours before the start time for setup and soundcheck.
  4. You'll play your set and I'll record everything.
  5. You let me know which songs you would like mixed and mastered (I'll bill you a flat fee per song—no suprises).
  6. I'll work on mixing and mastering your record.


Live Sessions

Session Fee (due up front) $250
Setup & Soundcheck 2 hrs.
Set Length up to 4 hrs.
P.A. Rental check_circle
Recording Engineer check_circle
Free Promotional Album Website check_circle
Mixing & Mastering Fee $100/song


Live somewhere outside of Waterloo, Iowa? I'll travel to Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, the Quad Cities, Des Moines, or the middle of nowhere. The first 30 miles are on me. After that I charge $0.60 per mile.


Answers to your questions


Why would I want to record live?

Because it's awesome! If you're tired of over-produced, auto-tuned music, then this is perfect for you. Live records are full of energy and authenticity. I also think that there is an added bonus of giving your fans a memorable experience.

Another major factor is that it's cost effective. It's a way for you to get a great recording and not go broke. Tracking each instrument one at a time is time-consuming.


How does booking work?

Contact me to request a date that you would like to book. I only book sessions on Friday evenings (only in the Waterloo area), or on Saturdays (anywhere in Iowa). I'll confirm your date and then ask you to pay the session fee up front.


What do I need to do to prepare for the session?

Pick a location
You will be responsible for arranging a location to hold the session. You can do a house concert, have a backyard show, play in a barn, a church, an old warehouse, or whatever else you can think up. You can choose to have an audience, or keep it private if you like. Whatever you're comfortable with.

Make sure to put in some extra practice for your session. Come prepared. Don't get stressed about it, though. You'll be fine.

Promote it
If you're planning on having an audience, tell your fans about it. If you are holding it in a house or a small space, you may want to ask people to reserve a spot. You can even sell tickets if you like, that's up to you.


What if I don't have a place to hold a show?

I can help you figure something out. There are a few locations in the Cedar Valley that we could look at. If you choose to have me rent a facility I would just bill you for any of the costs involved.


What happens on game day?

Setup & Soundcheck
I'll arrive a couple hours before the session to setup my equipment. I will bring a small P.A. system, the mics, stands, cables, etc. Everything we need to provide live sound for an audience around 50 people (if you want to do something bigger than that we can chat about it). We'll do a sound check and we'll get your monitors sounding great. You'll even be able to control your own monitor mix if you download an app to your smartphone. No more calling out "can I get more vocals" during the show.

In order to keep the stage volume low and minimize bleed across microphones I don't use stage monitors. I have headphone amps and studio headphones for you to use. If you own in-ear monitors, feel free to bring them.

Show time
I'll record your entire set. You can choose how you want to use your allotted time. Some bands play as many songs as they can, others choose to play two shorter, identical sets. You can even play the same song over and over until you feel good about it. No worries. You're the boss.


After the session.

I'll ask you which songs you would like me to mix and master. We likely won't have a chance to sit down together and listen to the entire set, but generally you and your bandmates will know if you made a major mistake during a song. This gives you a chance to save a few dollars if one song ends up being a train wreck. Over the next few weeks I'll work on mixing and mastering your songs. When I'm done I'll send you your final bill. Mixing and mastering costs $100/song.


Did I answer your questions?

If not, email me if you're curious about something!

Let's make a record!

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